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The Singapore Chinese Physicians Association

The Singapore Chinese Physicians Association

Name: The Singapore Chinese Physicians Association
Registration Country: Singapore
Time for Foundation: 1946
Current President: Wang Jinlai

Singapore Chinese Physicians Association founded in 1946, Its objectives are: to study and research traditional Chinese medicine; to cultivate and train qualified TCM physicians; to expound and propagate the principles of medical science; to raise the standard of medical treatments and to develop free medical services; to safe-guard public health; to promote fellowship among TCM physicians and to protect their general interests.

There are 4 affiliated bodies namely, Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution (formerly known as Chung Hwa Free Clinic), Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (formerly known as Singapore Chinese Physicians Training College), Chinese Medical & Drugs Research Institute and Chinese Acupuncture Research Institution. It puts medical treatments, medical education and medical researches under one roof. It has a medical library that housing more than 80,000 medical reference books and medical journals, perhaps the biggest of its kind in South East Asia. It has about 1100 members. The association is managed by a 41-member council which is elected biennially.

Internationally, SCPA has been appointed as the Executive Member and Vice President of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS). In 2001,SCPA organized the Singapore World Academic Symposium on Acupuncture-Moxibustion of WFAS with the theme of “International Acupuncture Research, Education and Clinical Therapy” in a New Century”.

SCPA plays very important role in the field of Traditional Medicine. It has been successful initiate/organize ASEAN regional TCM medical congress/symposium in the past years.