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Департамент обучения

The Department of Training is a functional department of WFAS for the training of acupuncture practitioners. Main responsibilities of the department are:
To design programs for training, make research in the administration system and operation mechanism of training, set up a standard system for training, establish relative criterions, prepare the curriculum of training, organize and compile teaching materials, implement key training programs, establish a team of teaching staffs for international training, set up a base for international training. Specifically speaking, the above may consist of:
1 running courses at different levels to meet persons in need and carry out the taking-up education, in accordance with the curriculum;
2 carrying out the training for promotion of new techniques and methods, along with respective special committees of WFAS;
3 running pre-test training courses to meet the request of whose who wish to participate in the Qualification Examination for Acupuncture Doctor;
4 providing different training courses for those who will go abroad to meet the need of international personnel exchanges;
 5 offering opportunities for those who are non-professional acupuncture practitioners for the training of Tuina-massage, cupping, scraping therapy, food therapy, etc, at meantime, inviting experts to give instructions to participants while the courses on the above are given.